BE Pressure


BE Water Broom Assembly 4000psi


Power washer water broom.

The water broom splits the water flow from the pressure washer between three or four wide angle nozzles.

A water broom is best suited for rinsing and flushing large areas of sand, leaves and dirt after the heavy cleaning with a surface cleaner or wand is completed.

Snaps into any standard pressure washer lance with quick connect nozzles.

Application: Commercial Duty

Pressure Rating: 4000psi

Approximate Performance:

Three Nozzle Water Broom 12" Model:

  • 2.5gpm expect around 1500psi
  • 3.0gpm expect around 2300psi
  • 3.5gpm expect around 3200psi

Four Nozzle Water Broom 16" Model:

  • 2.5gpm expect around 900psi
  • 3.0gpm expect around 1300psi
  • 3.5gpm expect around 1800psi
  • 4.0gpm expect around 2300psi

Replacement Parts:

Nozzle: 85.265.013