Thermal Relief Valve 145Deg General Pump

General Pump

SKU: GP100512

Pressure Washer Pump Thermal Relief Valve

The thermal relief valve protects your power washer pump from overheating. At 145 Degrees Fahrenheit the valve opens to allow cool water to enter the pump if the washer is left running without the trigger being pulled.

Available with 1/4" 90degree hose barb or compact* with plastic cap design that allows flow to be diverted as desired.

*smallest thermal valve on the market

Max Pressure: 145psi (Install in bypass loop or low pressure port)

Thread Sizes*: 1/4" MPT, 3/8" MPT, 1/2" MPT - 1/4" Hose Barb

  • *NOTE* NPT cannot be measured by a tape. The actual outside diameter of the thread is not related to the size of NPT and generally measures much larger.
  • If you are unsure what thread size you need please contact us.