Industrial Wall Mount 5Hp Electric High Temperature Power Washer 220V 2000psi

BE Pressure


GPM: 4.0 PSI: 2000psi.

Electric Motor: 5Hp 220volt - 23amps

Pump: General HT series - external unloader valve.

Maximum temperature of the water through the pump is 185F (85C).

Frame: Xstream wall mount frame.

Warranty by BE:

  • Electric Motor - 1.5 year.
  • Triplex Pump - 5 year.

Accessories Included: 50ft High pressure hose, quick connect nozzle kit, soap injection kit.

BE industrial electric pressure washer. Turn any shop into a car wash!

The high-temperature pumps of the HT series have been designed for use in applications where the water must be pre-heated, such as in carwash, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Please note these washers require a professional installation.

A time delay starter box turns the motor on and off by opening and closing the trigger. A hose reel is mounted to the frame.