Pressure Washer Pump Jetter Valve


SKU: 100315

The jetter valve, also known as a pulse valve, converts a pressure washer pump into a drain cleaner. The adjustable lever enables the operator to disable a check valve causing a pulse effect that helps with drain jetting.

Jetter valves are not universal and not all pump models are compatible with the valve.

Ensure you choose the correct valve for your pump. If you are not certain please contact us and we will find you the appropriate model.

General Pump Models:

  • 100315 - "51" Series General and Interpumps
  • 100316 - "44" Series General and Interpumps
  • 100317 - "47" Series General and Interpumps (fine thread cap)

Comet Pump Models:

  • 0608.0034.00 - LW, FW and ZW Pumps up to 3000psi
  • 0608.0035.00 - ZW, HW, RW and SW Pumps over 3000psi