K7 Flow Actuated Unloader Valve 2.1gpm to 10.8gpm 3000psi


SKU: K70

Unloader Valve - Flow Actuated Unloader

Flow unloaders can be sensitive to nozzle orifice sizes and extremely long hoses that restrict the flow when the trigger is pulled. These valves leave no pressure trapped in the hose while in bypass and build pressure when the trigger is pulled so hoses are more manageable and there is no kick back. 

Rated Flow Range:

  • Model K70 - 2.11gpm to 2.90gpm
  • Model K71 - 2.90gpm to 4.22gpm
  • Model K72 - 4.22gpm to 6.60gpm
  • Model K73 - 6.60gpm to 10.83gpm

Rated Temperature 165°F

Rated PSI: 3000psi

Inlet: 3/8" FPT

Outlet: 3/8" MPT

Bypass: 1/2" MPT

**NOTE on Unloaders**

Unloader valves are one of the most important safety devices on a pressure washer system. It is recommended that an experienced mechanic installs the unloader and sets the operating and spike pressure properly with a pressure gauge. Failure to install and set the unloader properly could result in a very dangerous situation causing severe damage to the pump and possibly the operator.