Liquid Rust Remover

Liquid Rust Remover

Concentrated Rust Remover - Acid Based

Typically used in food plants and other industrial and institutional laundry applications this acid-based Liquid Rust Remover can be used in the cleaning industry to help remove rust stains from concrete and other surfaces if tested for compatibility first and applied with great care.


Always wear protective clothing, eye protection, and cloves. Avoid contact with skin, inhilation, and injestion.

When used for normal souring operation with water containing iron, use 1 - 2 oz per 50lbs of fabric in the last rinse cycle.

If the fabric is badly stained use 2 - 3 cups of product per 50lbs in the wash cycle.

If using for Liquid Rust Remover on concrete or other surfaces test a small area and ensure the surface will not be affected.

Apply the rust remover to the surface using great care and do not to come into contact with the concentrate, do not inhale, and do not get injest. Aggitate the surface if necessary with a stiff brush and flush with water until the stain is removed. Repeat as necessary.

Continue to flush with plenty of water and neutralize the PH with a Sodium Hydroxide based degreaser.

Contains Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) Acid. Special precautions should taken and apply this product with great care.


Most important symptoms, both acute and delayed:

  • Fatal if in contact with skin.
  • Toxic and fatal if inhaled.
  • Toxic and fatal if swallowed.
  • Causes severe skin burns and eye damage