Mosmatic FL-ABB 200 8” Graffiti Remover With Vacuum Port 5000psi

Flat surface cleaner and graffiti remover for power washers with vacuum recovery port.

Light weight and multi-functional suitable for cleaning any surface. Clean walls and stairs as well as side walks and decks. Comes with an upgraded swivel for higher pressures and more industrial applications such as graffiti removal

Application: Professional Cleaning

Type: Rotary Surface Cleaner

Model: FL-ABB 200

Size: 8" Inch Diameter

Swivel: DYW Fixed (Part No. 55.020)

Housing Material: Stainless Steel

Spray Arm: Stainless Dual Nozzle (Part No. 82.621)

Nozzles: 2 x 1/8" MEG Nozzles Included

Pressure Rating: 5000psi Max (2000psi recommended minimum)

Water Flow: 3 to 8 GPM

Inlet Connector: 3/8" FNPT

Max Temperature: 250 Degrees F

Wheels: N/A

Brush Skirt: Nylon

MPN: 78.285