Mosmatic FL-AHB-KAU 750 30” Gum Remover With Vacuum Port 5000psi


SKU: 80.788

Flat surface cleaner for power washers with vacuum port, adjustable height and gum remover bracket (gum removal nozzle included). Dual gun system controls gum removal and surface cleaner.


Application: Professional Cleaning

Type: Rotary Surface Cleaner

Model: FL-AHB-KAU 750

Brand: Mosmatic

Size: 30" Inch Diameter

Swivel: DYCI (Part No. 55.253)

Housing Material: Stainless Steel

Spray Arm: Stainless Steel Triple Nozzle Arm (Part No. 82.947)

Nozzles: 3 x 1/8" MEG Nozzles Included

Gum Remover Nozzle: Included (Part No. 29.102)

Pressure Rating: 5000psi Max (2000psi recommended minimum)

Water Flow: Up to 8 GPM

Inlet: 3/8" Female NPT

Max Temperature: 250 Degrees F

Wheels: Three Casters (Part No. 80.956)

Brush Skirt: Nylon

MPN: 80.788