ST-230 Regulator and Safety Relief Valve 8.0gpm 0psi to 3600psi


SKU: 8.712-628.0

Regulator and Safety Relief Valve

Pressure Washer Pump Safety Relief Valve

The safety relief valve protects your power washer pump from pressure spikes and this model can be used to bleed off excess pressure without causing restrictions. 

Does Not Replace the Unloader Valve. These safety valves are for use as a backup to an unloader or main relief in an open system without a trigger operated spray gun.

Rated Flow: 8.0gpm

Rated Temperature 200°F

Rated PSI: 0 to 3600psi

Inlet:  1/4" MPT

Outlet / Bypass: 1/4" MPT

**NOTE on Unloaders**

Unloader valves are one of the most important safety devices on a pressure washer system. It is recommended that an experienced mechanic installs the unloader and sets the operating and spike pressure properly with a pressure gauge. Failure to install and set the unloader properly could result in a very dangerous situation causing severe damage to the pump and possibly the operator.