ST-261 Unloader Valve Optional Pressure Switch 8.0gpm 500psi to 3600psi


Unloader Valve - Trapped Pressure

Pressure Trap unloaders sense the building of pressure when the trigger is closed and go into bypass mode. These unloaders are reliable and are not sensitive to the nozzle orifice size but the trapped pressure, called the spike pressure, makes the hose stiff during bypass and causes a kick-back when the trigger is pulled.

Optional bypass switch 10amp 110/230V.

Rated Flow: 8.0gpm

Rated Temperature 176°F

Rated PSI: 500 to 3600psi

Inlet:  3/8" FPT

Outlet: 3/8" FPT

Bypass: 1/4" FPT

**NOTE on Unloaders**

Unloader valves are one of the most important safety devices on a pressure washer system. It is recommended that an experienced mechanic installs the unloader and sets the operating and spike pressure properly with a pressure gauge. Failure to install and set the unloader properly could result in a very dangerous situation causing severe damage to the pump and possibly the operator.