X-Jet M5 Deluxe Chemical Spraying Nozzle System


The X-Jet m5 works just like the original x-jet but the long range nozzle is replaced by a built-in adjustable nozzle. This projects chemicals or other liquids to vertical heights up to 40 feet but quickly set the stream to close range with just a twist.

Use with Hot or Cold water (no steam).

Nozzle Sizes:

  • #9 - 2000-3000 PSI, 3- 4GPM
  • #13 - 3000-4000PSI, 4-5GPM

This 4" stainless steel nozzle injects and proportions soaps, chemicals or liquids at high or low pressure, without going through your pump, your lance, your hose or gun and protects against corrosion damage to your system.

The m5 includes the same 15 piece proportioner set as the original Xjet.

The shut off ball valve, mushroom strainer and 15 feet of X-Jet section hose with hose barb also included in the kit.

Happy Cleaning!

Cross Reference SKU's:

  • 8.710-472.0, 87104720 - #13 M5
  • 8710-473.0, 87104730 - #9 M5