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ATPRO Pressure Washer Guide

This is how we at ATPRO Powerclean categorize our pressure washers. Added are some quick tips on what kind of performance you can expect from a certain class of pressure washer and for what purpose it is best suited. For a more specific guide to pump selection see our Pump Application Guide.

Light Duty Residential:

Is a gas or electric pressure washer with a motor and pump combination that is best suited for residential use like the patio furniture and washing the car once a week. You may be able to do the siding and gutters on a small building once per year and using a light duty washer for cleaning things like tools and rubber floor mats you will find it works very well. Large areas and flat surfaces like pool decks, driveways and walkways will take a lot of time and it will be hard to clean properly and without leaving streaks.

Light Duty Commercial:

Is a gas or electric pressure washer with a motor and pump combination that is suited for frequent residential work and light commercial jobs. The PSI and GPM of these washers can be as high as many of the industrial units but without the commercial and industrial grade pump and engine. These are not meant for the heavy commercial user but are better suited for running longer and harder than the light duty residential washers.

Commercial Duty:

Is a gas or electric pressure washer with a motor and pump combination that is fully serviceable with replacement parts. The motor will be industrial grade and the pump will be a triplex with a high quality brass pump head. Repair kits are available for the wear items on the pump and oil changes are made easy with a dipstick and sight glass. The commercial grade pump with internal bypass is not recommended for continuous use in a car wash or full time pressure washing rig but a landscaper or painter can be confident that the pressure washer will perform well and for many hours of service.

Industrial Duty:

Is a gas or electric pressure washer with a motor and pump combination that is built for continuous use in car and fleet wash applications and full time pressure washing. These are built with industrial grade engines and motors and with heavy duty triplex pumps using external bypass unloader valves. Many pressure and flow combinations are available and if your business counts on a pump or pressure washer than you don't want anything other than industrial duty.

What about hot water? Aren't all hot water machines industrial duty?

The short answer is no. The same rules apply to hot water pressure washers as cold water pressure washers. Due to the cost to build a hot water pressure washer usually the quality of the components used are industrial grade. There are however, many hot water pressure washers that use light duty commercial grade pumps and engines and are no better suited for the bigger jobs and commercial applications than their smaller cold water cousins.

Please contact us if you ever need help making a decision.