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Anti-Chlor and Softwash System Flush

Liquid Anti-Chlor and Soft Wash System Flush


  • Liquid solution for the effective removal of chlorine residue.
  • Use after soft-washing to clean the vehicle, trailer, equipment and flush the pump, hoses, and system.
  • Can be used to pre-treat the landscape and neutralize all surfaces after the cleaning process. Rinse with lots of fresh water after neutralizing.


  • Add 6 to 12 ounces for every 5 gallons of water as your flush mix.
  • Allow the solution to be drawn through the softwash system typically through the clean water flush port.
  • If all bleach is flushed out of the the hose use the sofwash pump to rinse down the truck and system.
  • The same process can be used to neutralize bleach as a post-cleaning rinse.
  • After neutralizing the bleach rinse all surfaces with clear water.