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AR Pump


AR Pump "Ready To Go" RMW22G24-EZ Vertical 7/8" Shaft 2400psi 2.2gpm

Inlet/Outlet Direction:

"Ready To Go" AR RMV2.2G24 - EZ axial pressure wash pump assembly. Replacement pump fits most 4 to 7 hp engines with a 7/8" inch vertical shaft.

Maximum Rated Pressure: 2400 PSI

  • 2.2 GPM @ 3400 RPM
  • 7/8" hollow shaft - Vertical - *see notes below for choosing correct model*
  • Three arm gas engine mounting flange (4 to 7hp)
  • M22 Twist Connect Outlet
  • Internal unloader valve
  • Thermal relief valve included

Complete pump assembly.

"Ready To Go" pumps are fully plumbed and include a garden hose inlet, quick connect outlet or M22, low pressure soap injector, and the best matching unloader valve.

Professional installation is recommended.

*Notes for choosing correct model 

If you are looking to replace with the identical pump you need to observe the position of the hole in the arm. AR does not mark the difference on the pump other than this hole. In generalthe EZ will replace the forward facing pumps and the EZ-SX will replace the rear facing pump. 

  • If the hole is on the arm nearest the pump inlet you have the EZ-SX pump.
  • If the hole is on the arm opposite the pump outlet near the brass unloader valve you have the EZ pump.
  • This pump does not fit Karcher units using a hex head bolt to drive the pump.