RRA35G30E-F17 Triplex Bolt-On Pump 1-1/8” Shaft 3000psi 3.5gpm 1750rpm

AR Pump

SKU: 85.129.017B

Replacement power washer pump fits electric motors with a 1-1/8" inch horizontal shaft and 184-T frame.

Type: Triplex.

Mounting Flange: Electric 184-T

Shaft Style: 1-1/8" Inch Hollow Shaft, Direct Drive.

Pump Speed: 1750 rpm.

Max Pressure: 3000 psi.

Max Water Flow: 3.5 gpm.

Fully Plumbed Bolt-on Kit Includes:

  • Plumbed external bypass unloader valve.
  • Standard garden hose inlet.
  • Quick connect outlet (3/8").
  • Soap injector.
  • Thermal relief valve.