Flat Surface and Concrete Cleaners


Mosmatic Contractor Flat Surface Cleaner with Lance 4000psi


Mosmatic contractor industrial stainless steel flat surface cleaner for power washers. Includes wand holder and lance to easily swap to rinse over spray and clean corners etc.

4000psi Maximum Rated Pressure

Optional pneumatic wheels (non adjustable) with front caster or 4x caster wheels with height adjustment.

Pneumatic wheels (non adjustable) with front caster
Casters with height adjustment
 21" Model 30" Model
4000psi 4000psi
2 x #03.0 MEG Tips* 3 x #03.0 MEG Tips*
3 to 8 gpm 4.5 to 10.5 gpm
Brush Skirt Brush Skirt
250° F 250° F