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Purple Power Tile and Grout Bathroom Cleaner and Sanitizer

PURPLE POWER is biodegradable and phosphate free.

This product is an all-around cleaner that can be used on walls, floors, fixtures, faucets, counter tops, sinks, tubs, urinals and toilets. It kills germs and revitalizes bathrooms with a light fresh scent.


  • Highly concentrated all-purpose bathroom cleaner, de-scaler and sanitizer.
  • Contains a blend of organic acids for removing hard water scale.
  • Contains quaternary ammonium compounds for sanitizing.
  • Contains a high concentration of surfactants for removal of dirt and soap scum.


    • Light Duty Cleaning: Dilute at 5 oz/gallon (75 mL/L) with water to give 200 ppm active sanitizing.
    • Medium Duty Cleaning and Descaling: Dilute at 6-8 oz/gallon (45-60 mL/L) with water.
    • Heavy Duty Cleaning and Descaling: Dilute at 32 oz/gallon (250 mL/L) with water.

    Product can be applied with a rag, mop, or spray bottle.

    Contains organic acids. Do not allow to dwell and dry on metal surfaces.

    Test all surfaces for compatibility before use.