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General Pump - Interpump


Rmax 750 Stainless Steel Industrial Rotary Nozzle 10800psi

Nozzle Orifice Size

Rotating Power Washer Nozzle.

Rotating "Turbo Nozzles" give the high impact and deep cleaning of a 0° nozzle and the wide coverage of a fan nozzle. Great for tearing up weeds and moss from concrete, brick and pavers.

RMAX750 is stainless steel construction with tungsten carbide nozzle.

Max Pressure: 10800psi (7250psi - 1/2" inlet)

Choose Nozzle Orifice:

  • 1.10mm (#030-#035)
  • 1.35mm (#040 - #045)
  • 1.55mm (#055 - #060)
  • 1.80mm (#075 - #080)

Inlet: 3/8" FPT or 1/2" FPT