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Suttner Milling Non-Rotating Sewer and Drain Nozzles 1 Inch Thread 5076psi 652300050750


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Suttner Non-Rotating "Milling" Sewer and Drain Nozzle 1 Inch thread.

Ports have precisely drilled inserts.Suttner Bullet Nozzle Inserts

1" Milling model includes nine rear jets and three or four front jets for cutting through the toughest blockages including "milling" through roots.


Ideal for 20" to 28" lines.


  • Hardened stainless steel - wear resistant.
  • Outside diameter: 1.96".
  • 9 rear Jets - configurable with insert.
  • 3 or 4 x Front Jets - configurable with insert.
  • Sharp cutting edges and forward tearing jets cut through solid plugs.
  • Works well for lines with roots.

1 x Forward Jet 3 x Rear Jet Sewer Nozzle

Rear Jets Only Maximum Propulsion Sewer Cleaning

Nozzle Orifice: Optional

    Use the nozzle chart ad selection guide to match the flow rate (gpm) and pressure with your pump. Choose the closest match nozzle orifice based on your specs.

    A nozzle with an orifice that is too large will reduce operating pressure. A nozzle with an orifice that is too small will limit water flow and possibly create an excessive load on the machine and reduce performance.

    Pro Tip** - For sewer jetting it is best to size the nozzle to allow the most flow possible so it's okay to choose a size larger than you would for pressure washer.

    Best suited for use with sewer jetting hose.