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MEG Nozzles


1/4" Male "MEG" Specialty Nozzle (5° 65°)

Orifice Size
Spray Angle

Threaded pressure washer spray tip. Hardened stainless-steel nozzle ensures consistent, accurate orifice size

  • 1/4" MPT thread
  • 4000 Rated PSI

5 Degree and 65 Degree Specialty Nozzles.

5° Typically used for softwash and sandblasting.

65° Very broad angle for rinsing and spraying and water brooms.

Product may differ in appearance from the picture.

PLEASE NOTE NPT thread does not match the measurement on a tape. Please use the chart below or contact us if you are unsure what size you need.

    Important - Use this nozzle selection guide and choose your orifice size based on the flow (gpm) and pressure (psi) of your washer.

    A nozzle with an orifice that is too large will reduce operating pressure. A nozzle with an orifice that is too small will limit water flow and possibly create an excessive load on the machine.